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  • HB Allen Centre
    The Advanced Studies Centre can be thought of as a creative hub for ideas without boundaries. The aim is to stimulate interaction across disciplines and enable collaborative research to flourish.
  • complexity
    The Complexity cluster uses Partial Differential Equations (PDEs) and mathematics to solve real life problems.
  • creativity-cluster
    What is creativity? How do humans constantly create and develop new things? What are the forces and processes that spark, mediate, and shape human creative agency and evolution?
  • medieval
    The cluster brings together specialists in Medieval and Renaissance research.
  • Networks cluster
    The Networks cluster aims to understand complex systems and the underlying network-like patterns that exist within them.
  • J Baptist
    A group of researchers interested in applying studies of text, art and science to improve our understanding of relics: objects of cultural, historical and religious significance.
  • Bricks
    This Research Centre explores the intellectual, religious, linguistic, literary, social, technological and economic developments shaping the public culture of Britain from the 1790s to the beginning of the 20th century.