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Angus Hawkins
Skills: Victorian Political Cuulture
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Angus Hawkins
Angus Hawkins
Angus Hawkins
About me:
As Professor of Modern British History at the University of Oxford, a Fellow of Keble College, a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, and Director of the Centre for Research in Victorian Political Culture, my research explores British political culture from the 1790s to the beginning of the 20th century. In particular, I have an active research interest in public culture, political values, party politics, and constitutional conventions. My recent books include Victorian Political Culture: ‘Habits of Heart and Mind’ (Oxford, 2015) and The Forgotten Prime Minister, the 14th Earl of Derby, 2 volumes, (Oxford, 2007 and 2008).

I would be very pleased to discuss the Research Centre's interests and activities. Please contact me on angus.hawkins@conted.ox.ac.uk.

For Angus Hawkins's book, 'Victorian Political Culture: ‘Habits of Heart and Mind’ (Oxford, 2015), see https://global.oup.com/academic/product/victorian-political-culture-9780198728481?cc=gb&lang=en&

For the podcast of Angus Hawkins's Richardson Lecture at Keble College, about the history of coalitions in British politics as well as the current Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition, see

For Hawkins's recent blog post on coalitions in British politics, see http://blog.oup.com/2015/06/coalitions-british-politics/

For Hawkins's recent chapter on Lord Derby 'British Conservative Leaders', see https://www.bitebackpublishing.com/books/british-conservative-leaders

For another essay on 14th Earl of Derby, see http://blog.oup.com/2015/06/coalitions-british-politics/
Victorian Political Cuulture