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Markus Bockmuehl
Markus Bockmuehl
Markus Bockmuehl
About me:
Dean Ireland's Professor of the Exegesis of Holy Scripture, Faculty of Theology and Religion, University of Oxford.

Interests: Biblical and Early Christian Studies

Recent publications
'The Idea of Creation out of Nothing: From Qumran to Genesis Rabbah' in Visualising Jews Through the Ages: Literary and Material Representations of Jewishness and Judaism, ed. H. Spurling & H. Ewence (Routledge, 2015)

Markus Bockmuehl, 'Wright’s Paul in a Cloud of (Other) Witnesses.' in Journal for the Study of Paul and His Letters, 4 (2014), 59-70

Markus Bockmuehl, 'Review Article: Francis Watson, Gospel Writing (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2013)' in Journal of Theological Studies, 65 (2014), 195-211

'The Son of David and the Gospel' in Introduction to Messianic Judaism, ed. Rudolph, D.J. and Willitts, J (Zondervan, 2013)

Graham N. Stanton; ed. M. Bockmuehl & D. Lincicum, Studies in Matthew and Early Christianity (Mohr Siebeck, 2013)

Bockmuehl, M., Simon Peter in Scripture and Memory (Baker Academic, 2012)

Bockmuehl, M., ''Creatio ex Nihilo' in Palestinian Judaism and Early Christianity' in Scottish Journal of Theology, 65 (2012), 253-70

'Aquinas on Abraham in Romans 4' in Reading Romans With St Thomas Aquinas, ed. Levering, M. and Dauphinais, M. (Catholic University of America Press, 2012)

Bockmuehl, M., 'The Transformation of Simon Peter' in Crux, 48(3) (2012), 13-22

Bockmuehl, M., 'Hope and optimism in straitened times' in Pro Ecclesia, 21 (2012), 7-24

Bockmuehl, M., 'The Baptism of Jesus as Super-Sacrament of Redemption' in Theology, 115 (2012), 83-91

'Locating Paradise' in Paradise in Antiquity: Jewish and Christian Views, ed. Bockmuehl, M. and Strumsa, G.G. (Cambridge UP, 2010)