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Richard Wilson
Richard Wilson
Richard Wilson
About me:
I originally received the BA degree in Physics from the St. John's College, University of Oxford in 1992, before moving into Computer Science. In 1996 I received a PhD degree from the University of York for work on graph matching.

I held an EPSRC Advanced Research Fellowship from 1998-2003 for taking up a lecturing position at York. I am now a Professor in the Computer Science department at York.

My research interests are wide-reaching but mainly involve the areas of computer vision and pattern recognition, particularly problems involving graphs and networks. I have worked on Bayesian methods for graph matching and the development of spectral techniques for structural pattern recognition, developing new feature sets for describing graphs and networks. I have also published research in the fields of quantum computing, shape-from-shading, speech recognition and protein matching.

My current interests involve trying to obtain a better quantitive understanding of complex networks. I am working on ways to measure the complexity of directed and undirected networks, and how to characterise large networks in an efficient way using walks and cycles. I am also interested in statistical models of network classes which can be learnt from data.

More details of my research are available at my homepage, via the web address below.
01904 325576