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Professor Brian Richardson delivers ASC Lecture "Oralising Early Modern Italian Literature"
​Professor Brian Richardson (Emeritus, Leeds) lectured on ‘Oralising Early Modern Italian Literature’, which drew on findings from his ERC funded project ‘Oral Culture, Manuscript and Print in Early Modern Italy, 1450-1700’. Professor Richardson explored the contexts in which poetry and prose might be read aloud, raising questions about the relationship between poetry, prose and song as well as cultures of reading. Reading texts out loud occurred in a wide range of social contexts and at several levels of society. We learned about itinerant reciters of poetry who would perform in front of large public crowds and of poets who would recite their works at court, sometimes with the intention of seeing how the audience responded to their ideas. Much Italian poetry was apparently sung. Professor Richardson demonstrated how poets were aware of this phenomenon and that some, even those who might be expected to appreciate its benefits, were wary of seeing their own poetry performed in this manner. He ended by encouraging us to consider the performative context of texts as part of their ‘materiality’.
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Categories: ASC, Medieval and Renaissance Studies


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