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Small Research Grant Applications 2013: Results
Small Research Grant Applications 2013: Results
Friday 20 June, 2014
Here is a list of 2013 funded applicants and their research projects.

Dr Matt Bevis
Editing a novel for the new complete edition of Thomas Love Peacock's novels.
Prof Dieter Jaksch (Networks cluster)
​Workshop meeting on development of novel quantum networks which allow one to resolve the spatiotemporal dynamics of fundamental processes in networks. More specifically, this workshop will focus on networks formed by regular arrays of Rydberg atoms.
Dr Nicola Gardini
​Writing a book about borders based on the life of Greek-born resident of the USA.
Dr Lambros Malafouris
​Cognitive ethnography of pottery to explore the sense of agency, part of the ongoing creativity agency project (leading to monograph).
Dr Piotr Orlowski
​3-day Imaging workshop on Neurodegenerative diseases, September 2014 at Keble College, in association with Imaging Cluster.
Dr Erica McAlpine
​(3) Meet the Poet events in College.
Dr Anna Caughey
​A Digital Humanities research project on the print and manuscript tradition of Robert Henryson's Morall Fabiliis leading to an online edition of the text.
Dr James Palmer
​A three-year, interdisciplinary research project, 'The Drive for Sustainable Road Transport: Science, Evidence, Politics and Power'.
Dr Tracey Sowerby (Medieval and Renaissance Cluster)
​Workshop and lectures associated with cluster activities.
Dr Tracey Sowerby
​A one-day interdisciplinary conference on early modern diplomats.
Dr Lisa Bendall
​Reflectance Transformation Imaging of Aegean Bronze Artefacts held in the Ashmolean Museum.
Dr Lisa Bendall
Fieldwork on Mycenaean Religion, preparatory to large grant application.