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Relics cluster obtains research funding
Relics cluster obtains research funding
Wednesday 26 April, 2017
Georges Kazan and Tom Higham have secured more funding for further radiocarbon dating of relics as part of their "Chronology of Ancient Relics" project.
Dr Georges Kazan and Professor Higham of the Relics Cluster were pleased to announce recently that they had secured some funding for further research. They were successful in applying to the University’s Fell Fund with a project entitled “The Chronology of Ancient Relics: an exploratory study”. The proposal was awarded £10,500 and the team will use this to AMS radiocarbon date and analyse DNA from around 20 relics held in different parts of Europe.
Prof. Higham (pictured taking samples for DNA analysis from Winchester Cathedral), said, “We are really thrilled that we have received funding from the Fell Fund for our research. This, as well as two National Geographic grants, mean that we will be able to follow up on researching some of the relics attributed to John the Baptist that we have permission to analyse”. The cluster also just received €4500 funding from Turku University (Finland) for scientific research into some well known Finnish relics.