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Marvell’s manuscripts
Marvell’s manuscripts
Wednesday 29 January, 2014
Dr. Diane Purkiss working on the Marvell's manuscripts
Dr. Diane Purkiss, Keble Fellow and Faculty member in English, and Dr. Johanna Harris (University of Exeter) have successfully completed a pilot project to assess the potential for digitising the poetry manuscripts of Andrew Marvell held at the Bodleian Library. The project was financed with a Keble Small grant. Marvell was one of the greatest English lyric poets of the seventeenth century. International interest from Renaissance scholars at this stage has bolstered support for the next step which will be to develop a major funding application to create an online edition of Marvell’s manuscripts, which are currently held in libraries all over the world.

This article was first published on the ASC Newsletter MT11 (December 2011)