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Geoffrey Hill’s Language in a monograph
Geoffrey Hill’s Language in a monograph
Wednesday 29 January, 2014
Dr. Matthew Sperling completing his first monograph on Geoffrey Hill.
Dr. Matthew Sperling, Keble Fellow by Special Election in Modern English Literature, has recently been the recipient of a Keble Small grant to enable the completion of his first monograph: Geoffrey Hill’s Language. Over the last summer, he has carried out research at the Universities of Leeds and Tulsa (USA) where relevant and crucial archives for his monograph are held.Geoffrey Hill, Keble Honorary Fellow and Professor of Poetry at Oxford University, is considered one of the most distinguished contemporary poets. Dr. Sperling describes his monograph on the language used by Hill “...as a case of study for poetry and criticism’s relations to the history of linguistic thought in theology, philosophy and philology/linguistics”. This book, soon to be published, offers the first large-scale account of the nature and qualities of Hill’s language and linguistic thought.

Dr. Sperling’s work and interests in literary creativity and its social, historical and material context have relevance to the work of others in the Keble Creativity Cluster.
This article was first published on the ASC Newsletter MT11 (December 2011).