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ASC Newsletter Trinity Term 2017
ASC Newsletter Trinity Term 2017
Monday 02 October, 2017
News from Trinity Term 2017 and coming events for Michaelmas 2017.
From the Director
Early Career Researcher award to Dr Lucy Kaufman
Q&A: Lucy Kaufman on The Vyne Project
Complexity Cluster Publications
Complexity Cluster grant success
Prof. Ian Hodder Lecture: 'Why is human evolution directional?'
Semiotic resources and affordances in social interaction -Creativity Cluster lecture by Prof. Shaun Gallagher (Memphis)
Estimation in the face of noise and uncertainty -Complexity Cluster talk by Andrew Allan (Oxford)
Identifying networks with common organizational principles -Networks Cluster talk by Anatol Wegner (UCL)
Seminar on Juvenile Justice
Public Service Ethics and Corruption in the 19th Century -Ian Cawood, ASC Research Visitor
Coming events
"The Search for Alfred the Great" - Relics Cluster talk by Katie Tucker (Winchester)
"The discovery of Queen Eadgyth" -Relics Cluster talk by Prof. Harald Meller (Germany)