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ASC Newsletter: Hilary Term 2015
ASC Newsletter: Hilary Term 2015
Sunday 21 February, 2016
The latest news from the ASC.
Article by Andrea Christofidou selected as one of the 10 best ever articles in the journal 'Philosophical Investigations'
The future of driverless cars in the UK
Gender, Peace and Conflict in the Medieval World Colloquium
"Shedding light on Medieval manuscripts" a joint Imaging and Medieval & Renaissance Cluster ASC lecture
Networks Cluster Lectures: "Social mechanisms and networks in online environments" and "Risk in a Bipartite Graph Structure"
ASC Hilary Term Lecture: "Liquid Crystals and their Myriad Applications"
Creativity and Entanglement
Interview with Dr. Andrea Christofidou
Plans to develop a new ASC Research Cluster on the study and analysis of relics
Report on completion of Keble College Senior Research Visitorship by Professor John Watkins
Report of activities by Professor Lynn Meskell, Director of the Stanford Archaeology Center, Stanford University
Other visitors
Coming events
ASC Termly Lecture (Trinity 2015): "The avian genome explosion (3 ways to publish a pigeon)"
"The Wild Hunt and the Witches"
What is Network Pharmacology?