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ASC Newsletter: Trinity Term 2014
ASC Newsletter: Trinity Term 2014
Thursday 14 August, 2014
The latest news from the ASC
RobotCar UK: Oxford's Autonomous Car
ASC Termly Lecture by Dr. James Palmer
Creativity Lectures by Professors Wexler, Coolidge and Wynn
Medieval and Renaissance Events
Medieval and Renaissance Workshop
International Conference on Early Modern Diplomacy
Complexity Cluster activities
Prof. Sarah Whatmore elected Fellow of the British Academy
Dr. Anna Caughey receives a BA Small Research Grant
Dr. Bernard Gowers and Prof. John Watkins, new member and academic visitor to M&R Cluster, respectively.
Coming events
Imaging Cluster Workshop: Modelling Inflammation
Next ASC Termly Lecture on High-Temperature Superconductivity by Dr. Stephen Clark
Douglas Price Lecture by Dr. Simon Butt
Keble London Lecture by Dr. Ian Archer